Chartered Accountant in UK

Be a Chartered Accountant (or CA) by taking from a range of ICAS training routes, which comprises options for school leavers, graduates, professionals and apprentices.

Study with ICAS you don’t need a degree or any prior accountancy or finance experience, and you’ll earn a competitive salary whilst you train. The route you take to qualification depends upon your recent situations.

What is a Chartered Accountant (CA)?

A Chartered Accountant has skilled with ICAS to reach the highest professional level, undertaken program of expert tuition, rigorous training and examinations in accountancy and business, whilst committing to a process of continuous professional development.

In the UK, only those who have qualified with ICAS can use the professional designation of ‘CA’ after their name – an identifier that carries real weight throughout the international business community.

Why become a CA?

Succeed to become a CA with ICAS and you won’t be restricted to working for accountancy firms. The wealth of skills and proficiency you obtain will present a diversity of impressive career opportunities.

You could work at the top levels of accountancy, finance and business, at a charity, government body or cutting-edge tech firm. And for those with an entrepreneurial streak, it provides the key skills to start and manage an effective business.

Furthermore, from working out to qualification, as an ICAS CA you can expect a competitive salary in a profession with a happy and stable future.

Young CA reveals why they chose to study with ICAS and what makes them proud to be CAs:

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